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Anna at the Art Museum

(Ages 4-7, Annick Press, fall 2018)

A lively little girl is  bored with her first visit to the museum. When an attendant allows her to visit a secret room, however, she begins to see things  much differently.  Excellent reproductions of art from museums around the world.

"so charming and so real" CanLit for Little Canadians

"Clever and endearing." — Kirkus Starred Review

“The subtle and clever illustrations blend Anna’s life and famous works of art together, mirroring each other – something that children and adults will appreciate as they read.” —I Heart Literacy, August 28, 2018


“.... the visual interplay between illustrated characters and museum art that makes this such an engaging, enjoyable picture book.” —Booklist, September 1, 2018


Annick Press (illustrations, reviews, lesson plan)   Distributed in Canada by UTP.Distributed in U. S. by Publishers Group West (PGW)

Illustrations by Lil Crump. Co-authors Hazel Hutchins and  Gail Herbert

A young boy finds a toy horse and hopes to keep it for his very own.


With co-author Gail Herbert and illustrations by Dušan Petričić . Annick Press


"Hutchins and Herbert’s text is vivid, specific, and evocative; Petricic’s pencil-and-watercolor illustrations have a fun, cartoonish quality that perfectly suits the story, investing the nominally inanimate toy with a huge personality . . .   gently conveying the importance of honesty. ”  - Kirkus Reviews, 01/21/20


The book should find a place in many schools and public library picture book collections. Highly Recommended. ”  - CM Reviews, 02/14/20


Snap !  

(Ages 4-7),  Annick Press, fall 2015
Evan has a brand new box of crayons, perfect in every way, until...

“A beautifully humorous ode to both pragmatism and imagination.”   —Kirkus Reviews, *starred review", 07/15/15


Mattland  (age 4-8)

A field of mud is the beginning of a world of imagination and friendship.

co-authored with Gail Herbert.  Illustrations by Dušan Petričić, Annick Press, 2008

“... has much to offer those who find themselves in a new place, and to creative souls needing inspiration … eloquent and beautifully illustrated …”—School Library Journal, starred review, 06/08

“…one of those perfect picture books where text and illustrations brilliantly play off each other …”—Quill & Quire, starred review, 02/08



Monster Manners (age 4-7)

If you get invited to a monster's house for dinner, be sure to mind your manners or very strange things might happen.

Illustrations by Sampar

Scholastic, Can. 2011


Also available in French  - À table avec les monstres

What the Snakes Wrote (age 4-8)

"Does it get better in a children's book than adorable pictures, a positive message of cooperation, empathy and consideration toward the natural world, and educational material?" - On My Bookshelf, Feb. 21, 2013  - Annick Press


Together (age 2-6)

Buttons keep a shirt together, laces keep our feet in our shoes and hugs keep us together when we are apart!  

Illustrations by Alice Priestley, Annick Press 2009


“… a real winner… charming … cozy, comforting … will give great pleasure to reader and listener alike. Highly recommended.” —CM Magazine, 11/09 

The Sidewalk Rescue  (age 4-8)

It's imagination to the rescue when Josie tumbles into her own chalk picture.

Illustrations by Ruth Ohi, Annick Press Annick Press, 2004


"The latest contribution from Hutchins and Ohi is an exciting read and an excellent choice for the story-time crowd!"—Resource Links 

A Second is a Hiccup  (age 4-8)

A Child's Book of Time


Seconds, hours, days, weeks, months and years are explained in a poetic manner that will enhance a child's understanding in unique ways.

Illustrations by Kady MacDonald Denton, Scholastic Can 2004, available in French as Le Carrousel


"...will be a favorite with children throughout their early years. Adults who read to children will also love to read it, over and over and over. Highly Recommended"-CM, Volumn XI Number 6, Nov. 12, 2004


Beneath the Bridge (age 2-6)

A lyrical tale that follows a tiny boat on its journey to the ocean.

Illustrations by Ruth Ohi, Annick Press 2004


“Hutchins brings her trademark warmth, playful humor, and gentle spirit to this story ... Guided by Hutchins’s encouraging questions and reassuring text, children will delight in the wonderful world captured by Ohi’s feast-for-the-eyes illustrations. No doubt they will take many a repeat voyage through this charming book.”
—Quill & Quire, starred review

The List  (age 4-8)

Princess Cassidy writes the letter of the alphabet backward and upside down but written on her list is the best present of all.

Illustrations by Maria van Lieshout, Annick Press 2007


“This touching and inspiring story from celebrated children’s author Hazel Hutchins reminds us that the best gifts of all are often those given freely from the heart."
—Resource Links, 04/07

Two So Small (age 4-8)

A young boy strays into the land of the giants but kindness wins the day.

Illustrations by Ruth Ohi, Annick Press 2000

“...full of the wonder and mystery of all journeys...This story of courage and trust will speak to both adults and children.”—Resource Links

“The size of the giant is wonderfully conveyed through an enormous, enchanting fold-out illustration, which is sure to captivate the young reader. Highly recommended.”
—Canadian Book Review Annual

One Duck (age 4-8)

When a mother mallard nests in a farmer's field, she put herself and her twelve eggs in danger.

Illustration by Ruth Ohi, Annick Press 1999

“... the tale’s setting and emotional impact give it a great deal of depth, allowing readers to become involved in the action and excitement.”—School Library Journal

I'd Know You Anywhere  (age 2-6)

Using rhythms and rhyming words to paint playful pictures, a young boy finds reasurrance in a game of "pretend" hide and seek with his father. 

Illustrations by Ruth Ohi, Annick Press 2002


“It is refreshing to see a father in the role of a loving, playful caregiver. I‘d Know You Anywhere is a treat to share and enjoy.”—CM Reviews

Previously published titles still found in libraries or from the author

  • One Dark Night
  • The Wide World of Suzie Mallard
  • It's Raining, Yancy and Bear
  • Yancy and Bear
  • Tess
  • Believing Sophie
  • The Catfish Palace
  • And You Can Be the Cat
  • Katie's Babbling Brother
  • Nicholas at the Library
  • Norman's Snowball
  • Ben's Snow Song
  • Leanna Builds a Genie Trap