BOARD BOOKS age 1 - 4

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Cat Comes Too  (Board Book, age 1-4)

Little cat explores the attic and ends up helping in a delightfully unexpected manner.

Illustrations by Gosia Mosz

Annick Press 2013

Dog Comes Too  (Board Book, age 1-4)

An uphill hike is a big challenge for a small dog.  But determination and freindship win the day.

Illustrations by Gosiz Mosz

Annick Press 2013

Up Cat  (Board Book, age 1-4)

Just two words a page - but oh what fun a little cat can get up to!

Illustrationos by Fanny

Annick Press 2012


"For toddlers just learning to speak, UP DOG and UP CAT are a wonderful introduction to the rich 'strangeness' of the English language."-CM Reviews, 04/12


Up Dog  (Board Book, age 1-4)

A little dog's messy adventure - all forgiven with a hug!

Illustrations by Fanny

Annick Presws 2012


"an irresistibly happy board book with a repetition that makes participation fun." -Booklist, 07/12



Thanks Helen Y. for inspiration and fun for the "UP" books!

Thanks Fanny for great illustrations.  You are missed.


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