Middle Grade Novels (age 8 - 11)

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The Great Bike Rescue (Orca Books 2013) 

Levi's bike is missing and he wants it back!  But there's more than one bike being stolen and more than one secret behind the theft.   A Silver Birch Express Nominee and a Hackmatack Nominee for 2015!


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The "TJ" Series (age 8 - 11)

Winner of the Shining Willow Young Readers' Choice Award and multiple nominee on Willow, Silver Birch Express and Hackamatack lists, this series combines the likeable characters of TJ, Seymour and Amanda with unusual facts and engaging humor. Can be read in any order but begins with TJ and the Cats and continues as below.  For "TJ" Crosswords click on Puzzles in left side column.

TJ and the Quiz Kids

TJ and Seymour know all kinds of strange and amazing facts.  Will it be enough to help the school Quiz Kids Team beat their rivals?

Orca Books, 2007

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TJ and the Sports Fanatic

TJ is surprised by how much fun he has when he joins the new footbal team but it's the science behind sports that really gets him thinking.

Orca Books 2006


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TJ and the Rockets

As his friend Seymour works on crazy inventions for the science fair, TJ struggles to send his model rocket truly soaring.

Orca Books 2004



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TJ and the Cats

TJ agrees to be an emergency pet-sitter for his Gran's furry friends. How will he survive when he doesn't even like cats?

Orca Books 2002

TJ and the Haunted House

When his home becomes a haunted house for a fund-raising event, things begin to get more frightening than TJ had planned.  Is there really a ghost? 

Orca Books 2003


Sarah and the Magic Science Project

When Sarah and Ben discover that the lady at the corner grocery store can turn people into frogs, Sarah decides her science project is going to be truly spectacular.

Annick Press 2005,  152 pages


“Carefully and charmingly written, peopled with winning characters, this take successfully combines realism with fantasy to produce a celebration of the wonders of the natural world.”
—School Library Journal

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