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What do I like best about school visits?  The students of course!

Thank you for all the wonderful projects you have done with my books -- the giant posters, the corridors of decorated "book" doors, the plays you've staged, the amazing paintings, the rows and rows of Norman's mittens.

I never would have guessed that a student could make such a wonderful board game from Within a Painted Past!

What a delight it has been to see the amazing landscapes made from all kind of materials for Mattland. And what a terrific way to celebrate your own wonderful imaginations and personalities!

The "Hazel portraits" done by Kindergarten and Grade One students always bring a huge smile to my face.  The name of the artist is lost in the mists of time but I do know that I'm a lot younger here - my clothes are grey but my hair is not!

This is me eating cookies, drinking tea and lying on my bed writing. Ahhh...the writer's life.







And here I am demonstrating the many uses of my good old reliable rope "trick" over the years.

Presentation Summary (K - Grade 6)

Hazel draws students into the world of a writer with short, dramatic readings from her books and by telling lively incidents about how she became an author.  Soon students are volunteering suggestions as she talks about getting ideas, creating characters and coming up with great endings. She brings rough drafts to talk about the rewriting process and interesting objects related to research. Sample sketches  from the illustrator and printer's sheets (that fold together almost like magic!) all help to show how the final book comes together. There is greater opportunity for discussion with older students; chants, finger plays and story involvement for younger age groups. Short question periods are sprinkled throughout and the session ends on a "high" note.


... Hazel's appeal to various age groups is unique. From picture books to early chapter books to novels for accomplished readers, there is something for each reader/writer to choose from."   Teacher Librarian, Calgary, Alberta


... the students enjoyed her upbeat, energetic style while learning about the writing process. The rapport that she developed with them during her presentations has translated into an enthusiasm for reading and writing stories.” Near North District School Board, Ontario

.... we all learned something – children and adults alike!” Taleblazers Festival,


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