Author Hazel Hutchins has been writing books for children for over twenty years....and enjoying every minute of it!  


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A young boy finds a toy horse and hopes to keep it for his very own.


With co-author Gail Herbert and illustrations by Dušan Petričić . Annick Press






I'm excited!  The Truth about Wind has been selected for the OLA Blue Spruce list.  Students all across Ontario can read and vote for the book they like the best. Wish I could have joined something like that when I was in school!

    Blue Spruce readers who would like to contact me by e-mail are welcome to use the link above and to the left (quill pen icon).  Or, if you would like to write a paper letter, have your teacher/parent/caregiver contact me and I'll provide my snail mail address.

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"Hutchins and Herbert’s text is vivid, specific, and evocative; Petricic’s pencil-and-watercolor illustrations have a fun, cartoonish quality that perfectly suits the story, investing the nominally inanimate toy with a huge personality . . .   gently conveying the importance of honesty. ”  - Kirkus Reviews, 01/21/20


The book should find a place in many schools and public library picture book collections. Highly Recommended. ”  - CM Reviews, 02/14/20