Early Grade Novels (age 6-8)

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Think Again, Robyn

New friendships happen in surprising ways.

Formac Publishing 2012

Robyn's Monster Play

When all the parts in the class play are for boys, Robyn comes up with an idea of her own.

Formac Publishing 2008

Robyn's Party in the Park

Robyn's mom agrees she can have a birthday party but only if she invites her entire class - including the three most annoying boys in the whole world!

Formac Publishing 2005

Skate, Robyn, Skate!

Robyn's best friend, Marie, is a hocky player.  Will Robyn ever learn to keep up?

Formac Publishing 2004

Robyn Makes the News

Robyn has started a school newspaper but a mix up in wording lands her in hot water.

Formac Publishing 2003

Robyn's Art Attack

The entire class complains when it's Robyn's chance to choose the class trip and she decides on the art gallery. 

Formac Publishing 2002

Robyn's Best Idea

A kitten without a home means Robyn is going to have to come up with a really good plan.

Formac Publishing 2001

Robyn Looks for Bears

A summer in the mountains means adventure of all kinds.  But not until one moonlit night does true magic happen!

Formac Publishing 200

Robyn's Want Ad

As an only child, Robyn thinks that it would be great to have a brother to hang out with. But is Ari the right person for the job?

Formac Publishing 1998 

Shoot for the Moon, Robyn

When you love to sing as much as Robyn does, you might just as well try for the big time!

Formac Publishing 1997